Smug News – Film & TV Editor at So So Gay

I’m not sure how to be coy and humble about these things, so I’ll just be out with it.

As of today I have been appointed Film & TV Editor at So So Gay. Hurray!

I must say I’m incredibly excited and incredibly grateful for So So Gay for not only appointing me the role, but supporting me now for nearly 16 months when I first wrote a review of Fela! for them; my first EVER piece of published criticism.

I’m especially looking forward to the opportunity on working on the upcoming British Film Institute’s 26th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. I had the opportunity to cover it for So So Gay last year, along with Colin Warriner and the Marvellous Mr. Wicker (Tom Wicker), and I can’t wait for the challenge of increasing the coverage this year. Also, it’s a great honour to have the opportunity to work directly with the Iris Prize, especially as last week a media partnership between Iris and So So Gay was announced for the upcoming festival in October.

So why mention it on here? Well, as much as I’m quite proud about the appointment, it’s also an opportunity to put myself out here on behalf of So So Gay to invite LGBT film makers and promoters to work with myself and a magazine which is looking to develop and further build it’s reputation as an authority on LGBT film. My priorities, however, will understandably lie with working with established distributors such as Peccadillo, TLA Releasing, and the British Film Institute. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind eye to the independent films that are really driving the genre. It was a pleasure to review Hearts Break Open, a film that was handed by the film’s own director for So So Gay to contemplate. So by all means drop me a line if you have something you want to tout via So So Gay.

My only regret is that by taking on this position means I won’t be able to write as much as I would like about theatre now, a genre that I am as passionate about as film. This is because it has really spurred on my writing from strength to strength, alongside my involvement on cinema, through the opportunities, feedback, and chances that people have bestowed upon me this past year and a quarter. But I can’t wait to get stuck further in the world of celluloid. So here’s to a great 2012 for LGBT film & TV, and So So Gay.

About James Waygood

Half-Welsh, half-Chinese British writer living and working in Poland. Ex-theatre and film critic, and avid gamer, he has a passion for anything interesting. View all posts by James Waygood

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