Having a Kit-Kat :(

I just wanted to post something quickly to say that, unfortunately, I’m having to take a break from theatre reviewing.

Currently my employment situation (i.e. lack of) is causing me a lot of stress, and I’m simply not in a good place to ensure that I honour reviewing commitments I might make, or actually be in a good frame of mind to write a fair review.

Part of this is that I’m currently undertaking an internship over at GameSkinny to help develop my writing (albeit in the video games sector), which is a huge commitment on top of all the job applications I’m also having to do.

None the less, I’m hoping to get back to theatre reviewing on here as soon as my situation improves and my state of mind is a bit more collected. Thanks to all the PRs, theatre companies, and readers that have given me tremendous support so far.

will be back. 🙂

About James Waygood

Half-Welsh, half-Chinese British writer living and working in Poland. Ex-theatre and film critic, and avid gamer, he has a passion for anything interesting. View all posts by James Waygood

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