Welcome to my blog. This is a space I use to write mostly about one of my biggest passions: the arts. Here you’ll find reviews and sometimes some opinion pieces. This is a space for me to showcase my style of writing, but also to keep up writing practise for when I’m not writing for a publication. Hopefully you’ll find me witty, sometimes a little grouchy, but always informed, honest and fair. Read on, MacDuff.

Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter: @GrumpyYoungGay. Essentially I’m as dull as everyone else on there, but every so often I post something mildly interesting.

Also if you’d like me to write about your show or contribute to your publication, just contact me on james.i.waygood@googlemail.com. See the “Portfolio” page for examples of some of my work.

“A wonderful mix of misanthropy and cuisine.”  Tom Wicker (tomwicker.wordpress.com)

Disclaimer: All views posted here are my own and are not that of any of the publications that I write for or any other persons or organisations I am associated with.

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