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News/Shameless Self Promotion – 28th February 2012

So, getting back into busy routine, I’ve been getting my write on for both So So Gay and Exeunt Magazine of late.

The State of the Fringe Theatre Nation

I seem to have taken, again, to writing about theatre closings in London. It’s sad when this happens, and am planning full rant about it for popping up on here over the weekend. Above the Stag is the latest victim. ┬áHere’s my news piece for Exeunt.

Murderous Mafia of Malfi

I recently went to see “The Duchess of Malfi”, the final EVER production at the Greenwich Playhouse theatre. It’s just as well it’s a belter. Here’s my review for Exeunt.

Gay Teenage Snogging

Nothing to do with theatre or film at all, but it’s a little piece for So So Gay that I’m quite proud of. As part of “Families and Friends” month on the site, writers have been asked to write about their first kiss. Here’s my contribution.